Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Polka Dot's and Wedges.

Steve Madden Wedge/ Laugh Cry Repeat skirt c/o aSociete / Vintage Polka-Dot Blouse

Ever since aSociete sent over this skirt, I can't seem take it off. I am seriously obsessed with it! I think it goes well with everything I own. When I'm feeling lazy, I just throw on this skirt, a knit sweater and I'm out the door. I can also wear it on a night out, it's so versatile! If you guys haven't already checked out their site I highly recommend you do!

I also did an interview with aSociete, check out the interview here.


  1. You are so amazing:--) I love this look. ( Hyped and fanned!)

  2. Aw love ur legg so thin amazing jealous!!!

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  3. That skirt is so cool! I adore the polka dot blouse and all of the accessories, too. Especially the cross necklace. I will have to check that shop out! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Your hair is so beautiful! I love this outfit!

  5. For years women's fashion has been very disappointing to me, dull, and almost stuck. I really rarely saw anything of interest until perhaps a year or two ago, and it looks like it is getting better for this summer.
    That skirt looks super cute, I love how the pocket comes down below the hem line, this makes it more eye catching and unique. I love it.
    The one fashion trend I dislike is the super tall shoes. I would break my neck, although I will say I do like wedges over heals and I guess they do look cool, maybe it is just that I am too old, but really that is the one thing I least like, the massive height added to shoes.
    Great fashion blog, enjoyed.

  6. love the outfit doll! such an inspiration :D